Spy-da Productions

Spy-da Productions Limited is a Music & Design Company Est in 2006.

Here at Spy-da productions our first & foremost primary & core business is Music Production, Mixing and Mastering. We record, Mix and Master to the highest standard. Our raw stereo masters are recorded between -2 & 0 db  /  -5 – -10 RMS.

We have recorded & mixed hundreds of tracks in a vaiety of diffrent genres. Our studio is rapidly becoming known for its superior sound. This is because we use Analogue & Digital recording equipment & processes to get our unique sound. You can be sure when approaching SPL Producers & Engineers you’re in the right hands!!

Our Studio is: –

Built from the ground up

Clean & Vibrant Environment & Atmosphere

On Street Parking

Studio can be used 24 hours around the clock

Whether you need to record or re-record vocals, need to record drums or bass , need tracks edited or mixed, you’ve come to the right place. Our studio is based around a 32 track, built from the ground up. Our DAW is based around RME’s renowned RAYDAT optical technology. Combined with Logic, Reason, Machine, Native Instruments & Waves Bundle make SPL Studio truly unique with unparalleled  sound quality.

Our engineers use a variety of Plugins & Processes to produce our extremely unique sound!

Spy-da Productions Ltd is now owned & managed by Spy-da Music Group Ltd. All prior sectors of Spy-da Productions Ltd which included Spy-da Recordings & Spy-da Music Publishing have now been separated into their own entities.